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'Blair covering up paedophile scandal?'

Oops!! We reported on this in 2007!

Don't read this NWO ....NOW!

Don't read this! Actually. . . Please don't read it!!

Well I never!! An understanding between the ACPO and the Law Society?

I, at this moment, am going to completely reserve any opinion I might have regarding this most interesting 'understanding' and I am very fascinated to see what you all make of it.   x

"Ye who have nothing, fear nothing; ye who have everything, fear everything”

Or you could just say … I’m talking out my arse again!!  x

Without exception a law that is common to all through the concept of true kingship.

The law as it stands in this country is politically controlled and revolves around taxation and the collection of equity through control

The King Makers - Part One & Two

A story about the Order of John of the Mount, the Order of St John of Jerusalem and the Knights Templar.

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